Our work is as diverse as we wish our communities to be. We don't fit neatly into a box or appear in a pop down menu of typical development practitioners. We do fit into the spaces that need creativity, activation, partnerships and community. We bridge the gaps between the horizontal and vertical to real life and meaningful experiences.


Ozark Mill + Finley Farm

Bass Pro | Ozark, MO

When you think of Bass Pro, one may conjure the giant retailer that brings us closer to all things outdoorsmen. What you may not know about this company is the grand and innovative ways in which Johnny Morris, the founder,  builds and creates places and experiences for people to enjoy.


Branching Out

City of Boulder Forestry Division

Boulder, CO

Two Forks has been contracted by the City of Boulder to engage the public in their Urban Forest Strategic Plan. We have been working alongside the Boulder Forestry Division and Davey Resource Group to better understand the challenges and opportunities that are facing the Boulder tree canopy; and how to get the public more involved in the overall care and growth of that canopy.



The District Plan

Adams County & City of Brighton

Brighton, CO

Adams County and the City of Brighton respectively, have laid a foundation for farmland preservation south of Brighton along the US 85 corridor with the adoption of the Brighton South Sub-Area Plan in 2005 and more recently the adoption of the Adams County 2012 Comprehensive Plan which identified the District as an area ripe for opportunity and in need of further study.


Agrarian District

7 Trails
Douglas, WY

The vision for 7T was an agrarian district in the climate of eastern Wyoming, one that is not very hospitable or known for growing food. Two Forks was tasked with how to create an agrarian district at 7T. We knew that in order for this community to be and feel authentic we couldn’t simply solve the problem of how to grow food, we intended to fully grasp the spirit of this place and what would be appropriate and meaningful for the people that live here.             


Urban infill project

Denver, CO

The vision for Aria is wellness; we thought there is no better way to engage people around wellness than food and education around food. This would be accomplished by providing various levels of engagement for Aria and the surrounding community through program partnerships.


Community engagement

Summers Corner
Summerville, SC

There are times when mind mixer is just not enough or in some cases too much tech and not enough human experience. Here are some examples of how we worked with Summers Corner to execute some big ideas and event experiences that spoke directly to their brand and showed meaningful results.  




Bird Habitat + Art

Summers Corner
Summerville, SC

Two Forks initial project scope utilized the “bird house” as a multi layered symbol, intended to activate the entrance to the community in a way that would attract perspective buyers, incorporate the vision and engage the community through a series of programed events with local partners. 


Community Engagement & Marketing

Two Forks Collective is adept in reaching a wide range of audiences. Typical planning and civic outreach efforts may do enough to check off the "community input" box, but we are skilled at getting a more wide range of results that have greater impacts on projects. Pair our uncoventional outreach methods with effective marketing and creative to get a very well rounded and successful community engagement effort. 

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Who we work with

Visionary and Experience-Oriented Project Developers

If you’re a master plan developer, landowner, mixed-use developer – whether for private, public,  public/private, NGO or HOAs – who wants to create something truly exceptional, get in touch. Two Forks Collective can be the difference between a good concept and a great community. 

Service Providers to Visionary and Experience-Oriented Project Developers

If you’re a marketing or brand firm, architect, urban planner, or landscape architect who is charged with helping to conceive and craft the developer’s vision, we can help you make the dream real. It's what we do. 


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