Two Forks Collective connects and transforms communities by helping to uncover the authentic soul of a place — its unique artistic, cultural and culinary personality — to the surface for all to enjoy. True, we have a flair for dreaming big. But we balance this with a real knack for determining what can be delivered, especially if it's something that's never been done before. We excel at both the tactical and the tactile, creating highly collaborative solutions that are wonderfully scalable – at once both proudly grass roots and ready for prime time. The result? We create communities that both deliver on the experiences they promise and generate revenue necessary to thrive and grow. 

What is Placemaking?

We believe it is the act of infusing better ways to connect into the built environment. It is not just defined by planning and design, but supported by the culture and identity of Place.  We understand that social and natural capital are imperative in those places. We relish the discovery of what a place has to tell and teach us. We are constantly asking and seeking the solutions to “What makes a place so unique?”

What we can do for you.

Experiential Space Planning / Community Outreach & Engagement / Activated Amenities
Project Management / Partner Collaboration / Event Concepts & Planning / Marketing & Branding
Concept Feasibility Studies / Merchant Curation / Sales Support


what we're working on

A mill and a man who saved it.  
Ozark, MO

We love when people call us to help on projects that infuse history and legacy, farming and food. What we didn't know is the lengths and commitment that people might go through to make something truly special in a place they call home. READ MORE