Seven Trails Agrarian District

Wagonhound Land Development

Douglas, WY



The landowner of Seven Trails (7T) in Douglas WY, envisioned a smarter growth path for a city experiencing a consistent increase in population due to growth in the mineral and energy industry.



The vision for 7T was an agrarian district in the climate of eastern Wyoming, one that is not very hospitable or known for growing food. Two Forks was tasked with how to create an agrarian district at 7T. We knew that in order for this community to be and feel authentic we couldn’t simply solve the problem of how to grow food, we intended to fully grasp the spirit of this place and what would be appropriate and meaningful for the people that live here. Through a variety of meetings with local community members, city leaders and our University of Wyoming Extension contacts the discovery process revealed over nine viable projects that could be implemented over a five year period, that would not only bring value to 7T and Douglas, but also to the region.


Three of the nine proposed projects were selected for feasibility and eventual implementation, heritage apple orchard, 21-acre destination farm/orchard and mercantile:

·      Strategic partnerships with the local university extension program, non-profit organizations and local businesses

·      Creating a destination location by providing a variety of engaging outdoor farm oriented entertainment for all

     families and individuals.

·      Various agricultural educational opportunities for both children and adults

·      Increased access to locally grown fruit and vegetables

We are currently in the planning stages for an apple orchard that will showcase the University of Wyoming’s Heritage Apple Project; along with a combination of in ground and high tunnel vegetable growing creating a combined 21-acre agrarian district. The district has been broken up into units with a variety of spaces and places for discovery and farm experiences. Our hope is to grow production levels to provide access to fresh local produce for the 7 Trails community, the city of Douglas and neighboring areas. We developed strategic partnerships with the University of Wyoming Extension and the Douglas Boys and Girls Club along with seasonal event concepts geared at making the agrarian district a location destination.