Terry and Andria founded Two Forks on the idea that community is a collective effort.
With backgrounds that seamlessly blend business acumen and creative thinking as well
as farming, food-related spaces, educational opportunities and community engagement, they intentionally built their business as a collective. This gives the core duo the ability
to partner with an elite team of field experts – ultimately creating a highly specialized team for every project.  

Andria Marshall


Andria's journey to Two Forks has been a been a colorful (if not perfectly straight) line. She has worked in customer service, assembly, curation, graphic design, management, creative direction, landscaping, food service, wine sales, wine and production, cheese mongering, farming, and foraging. She has spent most of her career as a successful creative, working in cahoots with various advertising agencies and cable channels. She has a strong aesthetic vision, a passion for people-wrangling (AKA management), a wicked sense of humor and a deep love for all things delicious. This eclectic mix only further drives her to seek, find and deliver experiences that matter.

Terry Freeman


Terry has spent the past 10 years immersed in the food and wine industry. As Chief Operating Officer for Cook Street School of Culinary Arts, Terry forged partnerships with industry leaders to enhance the existing culinary curriculum and guide the organization toward national accreditation. 

Terry's experience includes more than 14 years in finance and leadership. As she continuously seeks new models for understanding how we experience "place," Terry is at her best when navigating uncharted territory to demonstrate impact within communities. 

What you guys bring is that undefinable quality of what makes something
really great and soulful vs. just good.
— Heather Barrie, Gathering Events