Summers Corner- Community Engagement

Mead Westvaco(MWV) Land Development

Summerville, SC

Through our strong relationship with the existing marketing team we were brought in by MWV to concept and execute a series of experiences that communicated what Summers Corner is all about.

Charleston Wine & Food-Summers Corner Sponsored Tent: The objective of sponsoring a tent for the Charleston Wine & Food festival was to introduce Summers Corner to Charleston, one of the identified demographics.


We assisted the client in designing a space that reflected the experience of the ‘garden’-the core theme of the development. Our approach was to provide an experience that felt like a refuge, one that reminded you how to relax and play. By incorporating some local vendors the space took on a sense of community and authenticity.


·      Increased interest list

·      Created positive awareness of the development and Summerville SC

·      The only space to receive the most positive comments among surveyed attendees from CW&F

·      Incorporated low-tech marketing techniques that allowed participants to spread the word of Summers Corner – over 1,200 postcards sent from the ‘Slow Share’ station

·      Increased social media participation by training staff to help participants learn how to participate in the social medial portals provided by event.

Overall the space was able to communicate the feel of the development in memorable enough ways that had a long lasting effect.  The resulting PR, social media and word of mouth impact was exactly the type of buzz the client wanted to create early on in their sale cycle.


Dinners & Conversations: Engaging the surrounding community as a development is in its planning stages without it feeling like an uninspired corporate presentation is difficult to do. Especially when a successful engagement can leave the participants feeling like they contributed and hopefully have something of value to share with others.


By adopting the salon dinner format historically used by Thomas Jefferson, our client was able to provide a very intimate experience infused with philosophical conversations about the garden, community and nature.


·      Engage key influencers in the community

·      Developing authentic brand ambassadors among community members

·      Continued positive feedback from dinner guests

·      Creating stories that can help lay the foundation for community growth through connectedness

 The dinners continued much longer than originally proposed, and there are discussions on how to incorporate them after the community is built. Local community members were able to share a part of themselves and contribute to the evolution of Summers Corner.