Our work is rooted in uncovering the subtle and unique ways people find their community. Then we carefully design and curate a community culture that is deeply connected through human experience. Our approach stretches the possible and delivers the desired community experience. The result is authentic, original communities where people want to live, crave to live, because it feeds the human need to connect with ourselves, others, and our surrounding world.

1. Digging in

We blend the thoughtful curation and cultivation needed to bring your story to life. By immersing ourselves in a locality, we gain a deeper understanding of its unique offerings. We have a knack for uncovering the experiences that truly set a place apart, helping to cultivate connections that ultimately deliver the often simple, but highly sensory experiences that connect people to their community.


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2. Goals (is this about alignment or setting?)

The discovery and research phase then allows us to define goals for your specific needs and objectives and ensure that those goals align with overall community goals.


3. Unearth your story

In order to connect in a very authentic way, we work with you to identify the things that make your culture and place expressly yours. With the outcome of the discovery and goals phase, a new narrative will arise—your story.


4. Craft your story

If you’re going to tell it, you must be it. We develop concepts that will not only tell your story, but bring it to life. We evaluate and create strategies for the best methods to execute — from marketing and design to retail experience and programming. We ensure that every concept aligns with your vision and budget.


5. Creating place as your story

Taking those big ideas and making them work, and work well is no easy task. This phase can entail a variety of options to ensure your place becomes what you’ve been telling the community it will be.

Delivering Out-of-the-box business models

Bridging key partnerships - strategic, private and public

Program creation and coordination

Discovering supplemental funding

Creatively engaging with the community

Working with emerging businesses

Maximizing the spatial experiences